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Aboriginal art pictures

The aborigines of Australia, the Aborigines, like all nomadic peoples, have a great fascination in their art. The traditional art of the Aborigines is based on the dream time law. Spiritual connections, sustainability and responsibility for the country and the family are at the center of the culture. Its ancient rock painting dates back to 20,000 years ago and elements of this art can still be found in modern Aboriginal art.

♥ Anna Price Petyarre · My Country

Acrylic on canvas, 158 x 99 cm

Unique work, sold with certificate of authenticity
Mounted on a frame
Price 4500.00 €

Anna Price Petyarre has the right to paint the Bush Yam dream and the dream that tells the story of the formation of the great salt lakes that shape her territory. These dreams come from the countries of his father and grandfather in the Boundary Bore region.
The large circles represent the salt levels formed over time. Water holes are regularly formed by pouring rains. The water gradually evaporates, leaving only a salt circle, which Anna Price Petyarre uses as the main motif of her creations.
The painting comes from an art center and has a registration number (14AP122). The information is given on the back of the canvas. It is sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Anna Price Petyarre (Pitjara) was born about 1965 in Utopia northeast of Alice Springs. She learned to paint from her sister Gloria Petyarre. Like many women in her region, Anna discovered art in the 1980s by learning batik techniques. Her talent was officially recognized in 1998 with her nomination as a finalist at the 15th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Award in Darwin.t.

Awards received from this artist:
1998. Selected, 15th Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Darwin (Australia)

Her works are represented in many collections:
Anthropology Art Museum, Perth (Australia)
Art Bank, Sydney (Australia)
South Australia Art Gallery, Adelaide (Australia)
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney (Australia)
Northern Territory Museum and Art Gallery, Darwin (Australia)
The Holmes a Court Collection, Perth (Australia)
The Kerry Stokes Collection (Australia)
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane (Australia)
New South Wales Art Gallery, Sydney (Australia)
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra (Australia)

Main and group exhibitions:
2005. "Yam Dreaming - Atnwelarre", Mbantua Gallery, Alice Springs (Australia) / "Little Miracles", Mbantua Gallery, Alice Springs (Australia)
2004. Mbantua Gallery USA exhibition, traveling exhibition: Portland, Nashville, Hartford, Greenwish, New York and Philadelphia (USA)
2003. "Heart and Soul", Mbantua Gallery, Alice Springs (Australia)
2002. Glen Eira City Gallery, Melbourne (Australia) / Hogarth Galleries, Sydney (Australia) / “Generations”, Japingka Gallery, Perth (Australia)
2001. "Women's Business", Australian Exhibition Center, Chicago (USA) / Japingka Gallery, Perth (Australia) / Raintree Aboriginal Art Gallery, Darwin (Australia) / "Painting Country", Tandanya, Adelaide (Australia)
2000. "Artist of Utopia", Tandanya, Adelaide (Australia)
1999. BMG Art, Adelaide (Australia)
1998. Selected participation in the 15th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Award, Darwin (Australia)
1998. Quadrivium Gallery, Sydney (Australia)
1997. Sutton Gallery, Melbourne (Australia)
1996. "Utopia Dreaming", Soho Gallery, Sydney (Australia)

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Aboriginal art

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